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Chiropractic Golf Mini CD


20 Mini CDs
Special Price $49

Chiropractic Golf Mini CD

Reach out to a large audience of people with this Golf and Chiropractic Care Mini Size Card CD.

This state-of-the-art flash presentation shows how chiropractic care can enhance golf performance. Individuals can view the presentation on their computer by using the interactive buttons or sit back and watch the self playing slideshow. It's a fun and easy way to learn why chiropractic care can benefit golfers.

Insert your business card into the professional packaging or place a label with your contact information on the CD jacket. It's truly a unique way to gain exposure and generate additional patient referrals.

Note: Each Mini Flash CD package comes with a wafer seal. This will enable you to insert your business card and seal the package.

20 Golf and Chiropractic Care Mini CDs - Special Price $49

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Sample Chiropractic Golf Mini Slides - Golf Injuries
The flash presentation begins with an introduction then moves to five sections. These include: Healthy Body, Golf Injuries, Off-Course Conditioning, On-Course Conditioning and the 19th Hole. Each section tells a short story and ends with a final message to seek the help of the chiropractor. Individuals can choose to view the CD in its flash format or click on the previous and next buttons to view the presentation at their own pace.

















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