Golf Conditioning Specialist

Chiropractic Golf Conditoning Specialist


Golf Conditioning Specialist

Golf Conditioning Specialist
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Golf Conditioning Specialist

Golf Conditioning Specialist

A physically fit body is an essential component to the success of the golf swing. Your patient needs to have mobility, stability and strength to achieve this move with ease.

Golf & Assessment - Physical Fitness Evaluation & Analysis

Aassess your patients' physical ability a comprehensive evaluation, including a basic postural assessment of the golf swing, posture, muscular strength, flexibility and endurance should be performed. The information obtained will help you ascertain if your patient has a pre-existing muscle imbalance, tightness or weakness. This will help you develop a golf conditioning regime specific to your patient needs.

Golf & Exercise - Off-Course Conditioning Moves
Learn to incorporate exercises that uses the stability ball, we call it the "G Ball." This section provides a variety of exercises that use the G Ball and the resistance cord mostly, with a couple of medicine ball exercises. You'll get to know exercises to improve posture and facilitate proper biomechanics. You'll discover why using the stability ball is especially effective to help patients increase range of motion, improve balance and posture and strengthen the leg, abdominal and lower back muscles for trunk stability and power transfer. You'll gain insight on stretching techniques and exercises to restore proper function to prepare your patient for more golf specific and advanced conditioning programs.

Golf Conditioning Specialist Course Quick Bullets

• Gain assessment knowledge for posture, muscular strength, flexibility and endurance.
• Discover the advantages of using a stability ball and how it improves golf performance.
• Learn why proper conditioning can improve your clients swing.
• Amplify knowledge of stability ball exercises to restore proper function and prepare patients for more advanced golf conditioning.
• Review tips on how to develop an effective marketing plan, get publicity and network.
• Understand common golf related injuries, swing faults and exercises to help correct.
• Discover how to attract new clients and become the golf conditioning expert in your area.

Golf Conditioning Specialist Course Kit
• Golf Conditioning Specialist Manual.
• 2 DVDs.
• Online Exam.

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• A Certificate of Completion (with successful completion of the exam).

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Golf Conditioning Specialist Positive Feedback

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Golf Conditioning Specialist Positive Feedback

Golf Conditioning Specialist Positive Feedback

Golf Conditioning Specialist Positive Feedback

Positive Feedback - The Chiropractic Golf Certification and Other GMP Fitness Products

"Thank you for putting together this Golf home-study course. I look forward to using it to further expand our services." --- James Schantz. DC, P.C

"As a health and wellness professional for more than 30 years, I was very pleased with the Golf Conditioning Specialist Course offered by GMP Fitness. The information was relevant and well-organized. The manual and two DVDs provided would be suitable for novice and veteran alike. I appreciate the care and energy that was put into the development of this program." --- Dr. Joseph M. Camp Pilates Athletic Center Los Altos, California

"The GMP Chiropractic Golf home-study course is well-organized and professionally helpful." --- David M. Klayman, DC

"I have incorporated the GMP Products into my practice. They offer a turnkey approach and have opened the doors to many patient referrals." --- Kathleen Baumgardner, DC

"I wish to personally thank you for the top quality products you have produced. I searched long on hard everyday to find products that I feel comfortable giving to my patients to help them reach their full health potential. Your golf fitness products are unrivaled. Daily, I receive positive feedback from my patients, golf pros and country clubs that choose me to provide their care and education." --- Glenn D. Lederman, DC, C.C.S.P

"I have been looking for years and you have ended my search. These products fit my practice so well. We will benefit from this new addition. Welcome to my office and keep up the good work!"--- Wayne Rossi, DC, P.C

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